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We are located in Barcelona that has been dedicated to turning since the 1960s. Over the years we have been gaining the experience and knowledge needed to machine the most diverse materials: From ceramic like MACOR® Machinable Glass Ceramic (MGC). Any of the non-ferrous materials like brass or aluminium. Steels, special steel, stainless steel, alloy steel. Machinable plastics POM (Delrin), NYLON, TEFLON PVC.

We give the opportunity to every company that builds a prototype, manufactures machinery, restores appliances or vehicles, the possibility of manufacturing, a few parts, three, two or a single axis. EixosAMida can start from a plan. Or, if you send us the piece to be replicated to Barcelona, ​​we can copy it.

If you know what material you want to make the piece from: Steel F111 or F117 for example, perfect. If you do not know. We can propose which material best suits your needs.
About the tolerances, exactly the same, If you provide them to us, perfect. If not, gives us a small explanation of what function each part of the piece does. And EixosAMida will propose the optimal tolerance if it is a free play adjustment, soft entry adjustment, drag adjustment etc.

barcelona custommachinedshaft EU motorbike eixos a mida ejes a medida custommachinedshaft EU motorbike prototype custommachinedshaft EU motorbike eixos a mida ejes a medida custommachinedshaft EU motorbike eixos a mida ejes a medida

Do you need a single CNC part? Or just a few CNC pieces

Do you need a single part? Or just a few CNC pieces. Whether it is for a prototype, a project, or you are looking for a piece of your machinery that you cannot find or does not exist, do not hesitate, contact us and it has been re-manufactured.
EixosAMida will help you with everything and send you the desired part. If you wish, we can also perform surface treatments like: Chrome, Galvanized, Zinc plated and more

Commonly used metals and plastics

    • Stainless steels 303, 304, 316, 630, F-3504, F-3534, 1.4021
    • Mild steels 1020, 1030, 1045, F1, F114, F125, F127, F155,F211, F2112
    • High tensile steels 4140, 4340, EN36
    • Aluminium: 2011, 2024, 6061, 6063, 6082, 6101
    • Brass: CW617N, CW510L; CW614N
    • Plastics: Delrin, POM, Nylon, Polyamide 6, Teflon, PTFE, PVC, Acetyl
    • Hollow bar: AE 62 tin, SAE 64 tin-lead, CDA 954 aluminum
    • Safts, Caps ,Special screws, Pins Separators, Ball joints, Washers, Hinges

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​Complex Precision Turned Parts

swiss turning custommachinedshaft EU motorbike eixos a mida ejes a medida

EixosAMida has specialized in providing precision CNC Swiss Lathe parts for a variety of industries. These include Recreational marine, Restoration, Hidraulics, Automotive, Education, Motion Control, Sporting Goods and Sports industries. Our experience will provide cost effective CNC Turning solutions for your precision turned parts. EixosAMida is committed to top quality and tight tolerances.

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EAM Machinery


The machinery park of EixosAMida gives great flexibility when manufacturing different types and quantities of turning parts, we can machine from a Ø3 Until Ø42 in fixed head turning lathes, mobile head turning lathes, double head turning lathes and turning heads with motorized tools for making milling and transverse holes.

shaft swiss turning custommachinedshaft EU eixos a mida ejes a medida

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Custom Machined Shaft EU
Designed, drawn and CNC turning in Europe

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: + 34 655191005
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